We were tasked to conceptualise and design the exhibition.

Dysphoria/Euphoria was the sophomore exhibition of local pride collective, Rainbow Families, in collaboration with a peer-support organisation for transgender youths, TransBefrienders. 
The exhibition explored topics of gender dysphoria, transitioning, and gender euphoria through the eyes of trans and gender-diverse individuals.
The visual theme "river" was chosen to echo ideas of fluidity, personal journeys and non-conformity.
We were also honoured to showcase artworks which explore these themes by 8 local trans and gender-diverse artists – Aki Hassan (they/them), Andy Winter (they/them), Benedict Lim (they/them), Marla Bendini (she/her), Naaliyah Noor Daneen (she/her), Sida Chu (she/her), Stephanie Dogfoot (they/them), and Worms Wav (they/them).
The exhibition also premiered video by content creator, Koh Zhi Kai (he/him). The film featured gender diverse individuals – sharing their experiences of gender dysphoria and navigating transitioning and gender euphoria. Studio 1914 created an accompanying video art piece, 'Between the Lines', to respond to each stage of the journey.
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