This exhibition is a collaboration between Adzlynn (Studio 1914) and Zhi Kai, Kyle, Yu Sheng and Toh XJ.

On Love and Acceptance
"Inspired by the beautiful shots from our photography event, this magical, light-filled space is designed to celebrate the photos taken of chosen families.
Exploring the special colour-shifting abilities of dichroic materials. The glass and acrylic pieces used, do not change the nature of white light but reveal its intrinsic properties when it casts colours. Each dichroic piece has the ability to affect a space larger than its physical size, reminding us of how each individual's story could have far-reaching effects. The kaleidoscope effect of vibrant colours and patterns also accompanies the diverse array of queer stories which we have had the privilege of discovering.
We have put together a warm sensory experience and hope to inspire more in the audience to reach out to the community, in the universal pursuit of love and acceptance."
Adzlynn (b. 1990) is a visual media artist and filmmaker, interested in designing immersive spatial experiences. With her background in prop-making and set design, she has a close affinity for material forms. She draws inspiration from personal and collective memories to inform her process. This is her debut public exhibition.
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