Terms of Service

Below is Studio 1914's standard Terms of Service.
We work well with our clients because our relationships are based on honesty and trust! So we believe that all work needs guidance in the form of fair terms and conditions. Please take time to read through our Terms of Service thoroughly and ensure you understand them before you commence a project with us!
a) A copy of the agreed quotation is to be signed and dated by the client to indicate acceptance and should be returned to Studio 1914 Pte Ltd, via email or in writing, within 14 days of approval.
b) The placement of an order for video production services and/or any other services offered by Studio 1914 Pte Ltd, by email, or in writing, is deemed to be acceptance of our terms and conditions, which can be read at any time on this page, www.studio-1914.com/termsofservice
a) Estimates and quotations are based on information provided from the client regarding project requirements. Prior to any changes of cost, the client will be notified.
b) The client agrees that changes required in addition to the agreed scope of work, or where the client makes changes to the previously supplied information of project requirements, or changes required to be carried out after acceptance of a submitted work, will be liable to a separate charge.
a) When a choice of concept is presented and chosen for the project, only that solution is deemed to be provided by Studio 1914 Pte Ltd as fulfilling the contract. All other concepts remain the property of Studio 1914 Pte Ltd.
b) By supplying text, images and other data to Studio 1914 Pte Ltd for inclusion in the client's platform or other medium, the client declares that it holds the appropriate copyright and/or trademark permissions. The ownership of such materials will remain with the client, or rightful copyright/trademark owner.
c) The client agrees to indemnify and hold Studio 1914 Pte Ltd free from harm in any claims resulting from the client not having obtained all the required copyright, and/or any other necessary permissions.
a) A licence for use of the completed deliverable(s) is granted to the client solely for the project defined in the scope of work and not for any other purpose. Any videos, artwork, copywriting, and/or concepts designed by Studio 1914 Pte Ltd on behalf of the client, will remain the property of Studio 1914 Pte Ltd, unless otherwise agreed in writing.
b) Any videos, artwork, copywriting, and/or concepts created for the client by Studio 1914 Pte Ltd, is licensed for use by the client on the agreed upon basis and may not be modified, re-used, or re-distributed in any way or form without the written consent of Studio 1914 Pte Ltd. 
c) Studio 1914 Pte Ltd will be given first opportunity to make any alterations required. Unauthorised alterations of the work without the consent of Studio 1914 Pte Ltd shall constitute in additional use, and may be billed accordingly.
d) The client agrees that Studio 1914 Pte Ltd holds no responsibility for any amendments made by any third party, before or after a work is delivered.
a) The client agrees to Studio 1914 Pte Ltd’s definition of acceptable means of supplying data to the company unless otherwise specified, with requirements supplied by the client.
b) Images or footage which are supplied in an electronic format are to be provided in a format as prescribed by Studio 1914 Pte Ltd, via e-mail / secure file-sharing platforms (i.e. WeTransfer, Google Drive, etc.)
c) Studio 1914 Pte Ltd encourages the quality of images or footage provided, be suitable for use without any further image processing. Additional expenses may be incurred for unsuitable images or footage requiring any necessary action, including but not limited to, photography and art direction, photography searches, media conversion, digital image processing, or data entry services, colour correction and alteration of images.
a) All payments must be made within 30 days of invoicing.
b) Payments may be made by cheque or online transfer. Please acknowledge the preferred mode of payment upon acceptance of quotation. Queries on payment should be made within 14 days of invoice date.
c) The client will be provided with an Invoice prior to final publication of work. At this time the remainder of the amount due will become payable. The client will also endorse the Invoice before the publication of the work is made.
d) Studio 1914 Pte Ltd reserves the right to revoke licence to use the work after more than 60 days of outstanding payment.
a) Studio 1914 Pte Ltd and the client agree to work to the best of their ability to fulfil the project within the agreed upon timeline of the project. 
b) Any project over-runs, whatever the reasonable cause, will be amicably resolved between Studio 1914 Pte Ltd with the client in a timely manner.
a) A contingency day is any day where a scheduled media/film shooting has been prevented from occurring due to circumstances beyond the control of Studio 1914 Pte Ltd and the client. This contingency day figure is included as a cost per day figure in the quotation. 
b) If the client requests the cancellation of a contract, Studio 1914 Pte Ltd will determine the cost of services provided. The client will be invoiced this amount based on service rendered on the project to date.
c) The client understands that if a project is cancelled or postponed within the already agreed upon time frame, it is unlikely that this time can be rebooked. The client agrees to the cancellation and postponement fees agreed upon in the contract, which have been submitted along with the agreed quotation. 
d) If notice of cancellation/postponement is given to Studio 1914 Pte Ltd one - ten working days prior to the commencement of the principal photography, the client will be liable to Studio 1914 Pte Ltd for:
(i) All out-of-pocket costs;
(ii) Production fees, based on services rendered to date.
Studio 1914 Pte Ltd is committed to abide by the Tripartite Guidelines on Fair Employment Practices.
a) We believe in selecting collaborators on the basis of merit, regardless of age, race, gender expression, sexual orientation, religion or belief, marital status and family responsibilities, or disability. Discrimination is not tolerated.
b) We believe in fair work practices by building an inclusive workplace for all members of our crew, cast, clients, subcontractors and volunteers; which values the strengths and contributions of each individual and leverages their abilities, skills, knowledge and experiences.
c) We believe in fair compensation for services rendered and encourage open dialogue, in order to make such provisions where possible.
d) We believe in the principles of sustainability and endeavour to include environmental, health and safety considerations among the criteria by which projects, processes and purchases are evaluated.
e) We implore all our collaborators to abide by these guidelines for a meaningful and rewarding work experience together.
Thank you!
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