"Before The Big Moment, there was an abundance of space and time for play, pleasure, growth and learning. This dance film stretches a fantasy, imagining a sanctuary that we might all have had at a moment in time. 
It is dedicated to Daniel (2013 - 2015)."
We had the pleasure of working with a prolific dance artist Faye Lim to conceive the visuals for this beautiful film. We developed a lens language for the film, allowing the composition to evolve in complexity in tandem with the characters. Inspired by Buster Keaton films, we translated that aesthetics to this dance film, giving it just the right balance of humour and artistry.

About the Director
Faye Lim is a Singaporean dance artist whose work examines how power, agency and care affect the freedom one experiences on the dance floor. She served as choreographer and collaborator for film and projection works that showed at Asian Civilisations Museum, National Gallery Singapore, National Museum Singapore, NUS Center for Quantum Technologies, Plac Defilad (Warsaw), and Singapore Pavilion, Venice Biennale. Her first short dance film Inner Most Ghost Hosts Almost Post Dance was commissioned by Charemaine Seet and Critical Path (Sydney) for the Digital Interchange Festival 2020, supported by Dance Nucleus for Circuit #1 and screened at Hothouse’s In Suspension for Singapore Art Week 2022. Faye is also co-director of Rolypoly Family’s dance, body safety and sexuality education programmes and advocates for care practices in the arts through CITRUS practices.
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